Mount Fairhorns

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Mount Fairhorns
Mount Fairhorns4.jpg
Mount Fairhorns
Highest point
Prominence 428 m
ListingHighest Point in Springmont
Native nameFairhorns Peak
LocationSomermere Valley, Landmark Province, Springmont

Mount Fairhorns or Fairhorn Peak is Springmont highest point above sea level, located in the center of South Velley. The current official elevation is 428 m. It was first climbed by a team of geologists and mappers led by Alfred Fairhorns in early 1961, and its peak was captured on May 6, 1961, followed by a second expedition in 1962 to accurately measure its height.

Mountaineering activities in Fairhorns Mount Climbing Post

Geology[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Mount Fairhorns is essentially a massive pluton formed from granodiorite which is intrusive into sedimentary and ultrabasic rocks, and forms the central part, or core, of the massif. The granodiorite is intrusive into strongly folded strata, probably of Eocene to Miocene age, and associated ultrabasic and basic igneous rocks.

Rosland goldmine complex[edit | hide | edit source]

Rosland goldmine complex was belongs to Kimberler Precious Metal Holding which under contract with Government of Springmont located at north-east of South Velley complex.

Tourist spot[edit | hide | edit source]

Fairhorns Mount Climbing Post[edit | hide | edit source]

Located on South Velley, Fairhorns Mount Climbing Post is wholly owned by Kimberler Precious Metal Holding, which offers a guided mountaineering and wall climbing activities.

Flora[edit | hide | edit source]

Fauna[edit | hide | edit source]

Climbing[edit | hide | edit source]

Mount Fairhorns was under jurisdiction of Rural Development Service, Ministry of Internal Affair

Climbing Permit[edit | hide | edit source]

Rural Development Service grants a summit-climbing permit only to climbers who stay at Fairhorns Mount Climbing Post. Due to the limited number of beds at the Fairhorns Mount Climbing Post, only 40 persons are allowed to climb Mount Fairhorns per trip with local guide.